Stiletto LED

Stiletto LED

Stiletto LED


  • Lumen output options:
    • 2100 lumens (16W)
    • 2800 lumens (22W)
    • 3600 lumens (28W)
    • 4200 lumens (29W)
    • 5300 lumens (39W)
    • 7200 lumens (52W)
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • All variants - 450 Lumens
  • Co-extruded reeded polycarbonate diffuser with translucent centre section and precision linear prisms to minimise glare from all viewing angles
  • Available with 3000K and 4000K LED


  • Steel body finished white
  • IP40 construction when fully assembled
  • BESA fixings to the rear
  • Screw retained polycarbonate end caps
  • Diffuser retained along full body length by rolled body profile
  • Integral emergency options:
    • 3 hour self contained
    • COMEPS DALI addressable
    • Also available with "EW" Routefinder Wireless for addressable emergency testing without the need for a 2 core communication cable
  • Emergency variants supplied with a NiCd battery


Stiletto (4000K) Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
2100 lumen (16W) STLEH14K STLEH14KEM 131 >100k >100k 76k
2800 lumen (22W) STLEH24K STLEH24KEM 131 >100k >100k 64k
3600 lumen (28W) STLEH34K STLEH34KEM 129 >100k >100k 53k
4200 lumen (29W) STLEH44K STLEH44KEM 143 >100k >100k 65k
5300 lumen (39W) STLEH54K STLEH54KEM 139 >100k >100k 55k
7200 lumen (52W) STLEH64K STLEH64KEM 139 >100k 99k 45k


COMEPS Add suffix /EP i.e STLEH14K/EP
DALI DIMMING Replace H with Y i.e STLEY14K

For 3000K colour temperature, please contact Whitecroft

Dimensions Diagram 1
All 1207 145 72.5 5 6 610

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 28W LED 4000K 3600 Lumens
28W LED 4000K 3600 Lumens
LOR = 100.0%
SHR MAX = 1.59

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Lamps: 39W LED
  • Illuminance: 500 lux
  • Spacing: 3.0m x 3.0m

  • Maintenance: 0.8
  • Reflectance: 70/50/20
  • Ceiling Height: 2.7m
  • Working plane: 0.8m

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Surface mounted IP40, steel bodied, LED luminaire with polycarbonate diffuser, reeded sides and diffuser base, retained along full length by rolled body profile - as Whitecroft Lighting STILETTO LED

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