Tegan Line

Tegan Line

Tegan Line


  • Light Output:
    • 7000 lumens (61W)
  • Emergency Output (BLF):
    • All variants - 330 Lumens
  • Opalised diffuser
  • ‘Cool’ white 4000K colour temperature


  • Fabricated steel finished white
  • Suitable for lay-in exposed T ceiling installation
  • IP44/IP20
  • To suit 1200 x 600mm grid ceiling

Major Project Solutions
This product has been designed for use in major projects and as such is subject to minimum order quantities. For more information please consult your local Sales Engineer.

Tegan Line Fixed Output 3hr Emergency LL/CW L70 B50
7000 lumens, 61W TELH14K/SRF1 TELH14KEM/SRF1 114 >100K >100K 84K
Dimensions Diagram 1
1194 594 80 9

Photometic Performance

Photometic Performance Diagram - 61W 4000K 7000 Lumens
61W 4000K 7000 Lumens
LOR = 100.0%
SHR MAX = 1.58

Performance Guide

Performance Guide Diagram 1
  • Lamps: 61W 4000K LED
  • Illuminance: 1000 lux
  • Spacing: 2.4m x 2.4m

  • Maintenance: 0.8
  • Reflectance: 70/50/20
  • Ceiling Height: 2.8m
  • Working plane: 0.8m

LED Performance

Colour Temp RA (CRI) Colour consistency
61W/4000K >80 MacAdam 3 SDCM

Recessed LED 1200 x 600mm luminaire with slim line steel body and opalised diffuser. Suitable for lay in exposed T ceilings – as Whitecroft Lighting TEGAN LINE.

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