Blog: David Garden, Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Henderson Warnock

Blog: David Garden, Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Henderson Warnock

  • Posted on May 31 2023

Developed by Stirling Development Agency, Kildean Business Park is a joint venture between Cromwell and Stirling Council, located near Stirling.

Designed by architects Michael Laird Associates, the building is visually striking and designed to meet stringent ESG objectives and has an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.

David Garden, Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Henderson Warnock, explains why he chose to deploy Whitecroft’s Organic Response® lighting control system.


Kildean Business Park Kildean Business Park


The best way to embed lighting into the ethos of a building is to engage with the lighting manufacturer as early as possible to identify the best approach.

This matched Whitecroft’s viewpoint, and Kevin McCully and his team quickly identified that its Organic Response® lighting system would best realise the client and architect’s vision.

Organic Response® is a wireless lighting system that intelligently adjusts lighting levels in harmony with changing daylight.

The system was relatively new to us, so it was invaluable that Whitecroft briefed us in person so we could then clearly outline the benefits of the system to the architect and client.


Kildean Business Park


The brief

The client demanded a system that would deliver huge energy savings and complement the building’s level of specification and high-end design.

Glass is a big feature at Kildean, and this creates an abundance of natural light, but also means there is limited scope for obstructive cabling.

So, to complement Kildean’s design, the lighting needed to fit seamlessly into the building’s architecture and still deliver connected automatous controls that could adjust the lighting throughout the building.

As well as saving energy, this highly adaptive system will also deliver high-quality light and add significantly to the building's architecture and finish.


Kildean Business Park


Organic Response®

Organic Response® is a wireless connected system that adjusts lighting levels based on a range of factors, including the amount of daylight entering different parts of the building at varying times of the day, as well as detecting occupancy within all areas.

This energy efficiency technology fitted with the client’s ESG and BREEAM sustainability objectives, whilst complementing the architecture and high-spec finish of the building.

Many of Henderson Warnock’s clients are increasingly driven by ambitious carbon reduction targets, and this often fits well with Whitecroft’s impressive journey in developing circular economy products.


Kildean Business Park


At Kildean, Whitecroft supplied low-energy modular LED lighting products that are easily upgradable by design - incorporating replaceable modules that lengthen the life of materials and promote the minimisation of waste.

This was another big influencing factor in Henderson Warnock specifying Whitecroft at Kildean, because Whitecroft can deliver a practical and measurable solution to saving carbon across the lifetime of its lighting: easily upgradable lighting that is circular by design.

Kildean represented our first project with Whitecroft Lighting, so launching our relationship combining a highly innovative lighting install with a landmark commercial building was fantastic.

The client and architects were delighted with the lighting solution at Kildean, and I’m delighted to say that we’re again working with Whitecroft on an Organic Response® project at an Amazon warehouse.


David Garden


David Garden is the Senior Electrical Design

Engineer at Henderson Warnock

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