Meet the Expert - Daniel Renforth, Industrial Sector Business Development Manager

Meet the Expert - Daniel Renforth, Industrial Sector Business Development Manager

  • Posted on November 1 2019

Meet Daniel Renforth, Industrial Sector Business Development Manager. We asked Daniel about his role with Whitecroft and he provided us with an insight into the rapidly changing Industrial sector.


Who are you and what are your key areas of responsibility?

I’m Daniel Renforth, a degree qualified Electrical Engineering Consultant. I’ve worked in construction since leaving school. I’ve always been a salesman, probably since birth, and always felt during my 10 years in consultancy that a sales role was my natural fit.

At Whitecroft, my key responsibilities surround shaping our product and service offer within the Industrial sector.  Engaging with our customers is the cornerstone of my role; working with marketing and our salesforce, to ensure Whitecroft is the manufacturer of choice for our customers, and of course meeting our sales target.

I’ve worked with all stakeholders within the spectrum of the construction industry, which has shaped my experience and helped tailor our approach to ensure we provide the best service to our wide range of customers, exceeding their expectations.

Describe your job in three words?

Delivery, Pedigree, Innovation

What are the best bits of your job?

Promoting our pedigree in the Industrial sector to all of our customers nationally. Working with colleagues and customers to deliver compliant, risk free solutions, which work within the short, medium and long term commercial aspirations of the project. 

I also enjoy looking into the future of the Industrial lighting sector and how the Internet of Things (IoT) will influence lighting technology, ensuring Whitecroft lead the way in this rapidly evolving area of engineering.

What’s the best thing you’ve worked on?

Our new market leading high bay luminaire. I can’t say too much, but it’s coming very soon, and is tip top.

Who would you swap places with for a day?

Lewis Hamilton

Tell us a bit more about Industrial. What can customers expect?

The Industrial sector has been outlined as a key area for growth for the construction industry and UK economy. Retail has shifted in terms of its format, from bricks (major longstanding high street retail), to clicks (online retail, relatively new, fast growth), and so the logistic facilities have been required to change to meet the consumer requirements and changing marketplace.

Customers can expect a level of service with 40 years of best practice in industrial lighting. We have managed the evolution of conventional source lighting technology over the decades, from sodium, metal halide, fluorescent to LED, and understand how to deliver a compliant product which meets the commercial requirements of the project. As a UK LED lighting manufacturer we are now pioneering our LED light engines, with our in-house engineers, to deliver market leading efficiencies and longer life product.

Why would a client or customer talk to you?

We are customer focused, our business model is to service the individual project requirements, working directly with the customer and their design team. This allows us to provide risk free solutions to our customers, which delivers compliance, reduces health and safety risks on site, and provides the lowest energy consumption.

We are pioneers in the evolution of LED lighting systems, lighting controls and smart connectivity. We work with our customers to understand their operational requirements, expectations, and through our knowledge and capability, deliver systems which interface with multiple technologies, or sites, allowing for flexibility and future proofing. Some of our latest projects include Goliath, Yodel and Dixons Carphone Distribution Centre among others.

We take circular economy seriously, and our product design approach allows us to design the solution for now, but also in 15 years from now. All our serviceable parts can be replaced, or when necessary upgraded, without having to replace luminaire bodies, helping our customers reduce the amount of waste in our Industry.

What’s different about Whitecroft’s approach?

This is predominantly a Design and Build industry, meaning it’s a demanding, fast paced sector. We understand the challenging deadlines for our customers, and have resourced appropriately to service our workload, whilst delivering compliance working within the commercial requirements. The IoT is here and gaining traction with the Industrial sector. It’s important we are ready for this evolution, to deliver solutions for our customers with the appropriate products and commissioning infrastructure.

Dan Renforth


What’s the most common question you get asked?

The most common question I get asked is, “Where did you buy your glasses?”





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