Meet the Expert - Paul Davies, Business Development Director Controls

Meet the Expert - Paul Davies, Business Development Director Controls

  • Posted on October 11 2019

In the second of our Meet the Expert series, we introduce you to Paul Davies, Whitecroft’s Business Development Director.


Who are you and what are your key areas of responsibility?

I’m Paul Davies and I’m the Business Development Director. My key responsibility is within the Controls team; sourcing, designing and delivering Lighting Control and Emergency Systems that meet our customer’s operational requirements complimenting the luminaires that Whitecroft manufacture.

Describe your job in three words?

Lighting Controls Expert

What are the best bits of your job?

Working with all parties from the client, consultant to the installing electrical contractor across all levels involved in the planning, design and installation of lighting solutions. There’s not one day that’s the same.

Projects range from delivering a relevant cost-effective lighting control system to an emergency test system solution that satisfies the needs of the client and the building. Variety and the people make this job what it is.

What’s the best thing you’ve worked on?

Over the years I’ve worked on many different projects from schools and hospital lighting to offices. The most memorable of recent years has to be working with the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The requirements of the hospital included a full DALI addressable lighting control system offering a fully flexible and future proof lighting control system. All our work within healthcare and hospital trusts is fantastic but this held a special as the project area was specialising in the treatment of children with rare diseases. Having three children of my own meant being involved in this project was very rewarding.

Who would you swap places with for a day?

Jeremy Clarkson to drive all those fast cars and annoy James May and Richard Hammond!

Tell us a bit more about Controls. What can customers expect? 

Lighting controls systems and emergency lighting testing and reporting systems have become an integral part of building services. Energy costs are on the rise and the advantage to using lighting controls is their ability to automatically turn lights on and off when needed and therefore reducing unnecessary energy usage.

The level of sophistication of a lighting control system using DALI addressable systems can then deliver additional benefits such as maintenance reporting including emergency lighting testing and reporting. The results we can provide in the reduction of valuable man hours on site whilst complying with statutory regulations are changing the way building need to operate. More recently lighting control systems are also being linked to BMS (Building Management Systems) to coordinate services such as heating and ventilation, security and space optimisation.

Why would a client or customer talk to you?

Clients tend talk to us about their specific individual requirements for a lighting control system. Whether it be from a basic standalone system to a smart system with full data extraction, we provide a range of services and solutions. With our extensive industry knowledge backed by an unrivalled support team, clients are continually reassured that we are a team of experts, that go the extra mile within every project – and crucially, we’re a friendly bunch too.

What’s different about it?

With the increasing influence of IOT (Internet of Things) lighting control system and emergency lighting testing systems are undergoing a considerable transformation. Wireless systems contribute to simplified installation and programming from mobile phones and tablets is becoming more common place. Cloud based systems for off-site access to such data as energy, maintenance and occupancy to manage the efficiency of buildings is becoming a standard request for more building users. It is not only an exciting and rewarding time to be part of this process but also offers our clients an opportunity to become part of the new wave of technology.


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