Whitecroft Lighting Brexit Statement

November 2020


Dear Customer,

We hope that you and your colleagues are keeping well during these difficult and uncertain times. Whilst COVID-19 has been the centre of our attention over the last few months, we are aware that there is significant interest in the potential implications and mitigating activity around the UK leaving the EU single market and customs union on 31st December, 2020.

At our 10,000m2 head office site in Ashton Manchester we design, build and configure lighting solutions specifically for the UK market. Over 90% of these products and 50% of component parts are sourced within the UK (see below).

This high level of commitment to UK sourcing forms part of a long-term strategy necessitated by the market’s requirement for flexible, customer focused solutions. In recent years this has accelerated with our focus on sustainability, specifically the development of an industry leading Circular business model. For example, our newly launched Cascade Flex recessed solution is almost exclusively built from locally sourced components. We therefore see the risks as the UK leaves the EU single market to our supply chain disruption as minimal and short term.

On a practical level, we have over the last few months undertaken a risk assessment of our supply chains and as a result of this assessment we have put in place alternative supply options and increased our European sourced critical component parts stock by over 10%. We believe this is sufficient for us to deal with any potential short-term supply disruption in Q1, 2021.

We are also currently assessing the potential impact of tariffs on goods arriving from the EU, but please be assured we will do all we can to mitigate any cost increases. Orders received prior to January 1st 2021 or quotations within their validity period will not be affected if tariffs are introduced.

In conclusion, we do believe that Whitecroft’s investments in UK manufacturing and sourcing will ensure that it is ideally placed to continue to provide excellent service to the construction industry. However, this type of short-term challenge can always best be met through a shared commitment to a long term and sustainable partnership. As such, if you do have any further concerns or just wish to talk through some of the key issues please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Whitecroft team on the numbers below.


Yours Sincerely

David Serif


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Lighting Design: 0161 331 5820

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Aftersales: 0161 331 5851