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Mirage 3 is your lighting toolkit, a family of luminaires consisting of recessed, surface and suspended products with a varied choice of sizes, reflectors, optics and colours, designed to help you create the desired environment.

With careful attention given to both its appearance and performance, and featuring glare reducing optics, a choice of beam distributions and a range of lumen outputs, this range of downlighters will add continuity and visual interest to any lighting scheme.

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Surface and suspended luminaires are available finished in white, black and silver with a matt reflector as standard. Recessed versions feature a black or white slim bezel designed to blend seamlessly with both ceiling and reflector to create a clean, streamlined feel.

For a more bespoke look you can customise your luminaire with a mix and match bezel and reflector combination. Further complimented by wallwashers, IP65, MRI versions and discreet emergency integration, this versatile range can provide the ideal solution in a variety of applications.

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As well as good looks, the Mirage 3 family benefits from outputs up to 4000 lumens, is available with colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K and tunable white and colour rendering of Ra80 or Ra90.

Each series offers a variety of beam distributions and a choice of four reflector types to aid the delivery of the aspired lit effect and, where required, visual comfort and compliance.

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Why do we use downlighters in design?

Why has the downlighter been a friend to the designer for generations? The downlight has become a classic form factor that offers the designer a lighting solution that is suitable for multiple applications through its flexibility and familiar aesthetic.

As lighting designers are entrusted to create lighting solutions that have to deliver functional and dynamic visually vibrant spaces. Through optical design, multiple outputs and distributions the flexibility of a downlighter form is able to consider most designer aspirations.

The visual impact of the downlight isn’t limited to the lit affect. Multiple sizes, finishes, integration methods, optical materials allow a solution that can either ‘blend’ into the environment or become an integral of the architectural vision of a space.

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Beyond the ceiling

Mirage 3 offers a versatile lighting design toolkit, a family of products with a shared aesthetic with the ability to aid the delivery of compliance.

Outputs and Efficiency

The combination of the latest COB (chip on board) technology, graphite coated heatsink and superior optical design sees the Mirage 3 deliver outputs up to 4000 lumens and efficacies in excess of 120 LL/CW.

Colour and Light Quality

Mirage 3 is available as 3000K, 4000K and tunable and Ra80 or Ra90, giving the designer the flexibility to deliver the appropriate quality of light for visual appearance and compliance within all applications.

Effective Optical Design

Mirage 3 features several distribution patterns and when combined with impressive lumen outputs makes it easier to deliver efficient and visually comfortable lighting.

Beam angles are created by a combination of lens or dome optic, reflector and luminaire body size. The different distribution patterns allow the designer to create feature and accent lighting, optimise lighting design and deliver exceptional visual comfort.

Circular by Design

The Mirage 3 family has been developed with circularity in mind, making it easy to reassemble and reuse or upgrade and recycle at a later date. Materials have been carefully considered, for example there is no glue used and only two screws in the luminaire. What’s more, as a UK based manufacturer with local supply partners, you can be sure components and finished products do not have far to travel to reach most of our projects, ensuring a low carbon footprint.

Taking this one step futher is Mirage 3 Vitality which has received independent accreditation and is Cradle to Cradle® Certified Bronze.

Dynamic Visual Appearance

The Mirage 3 is available with a choice of four reflectors: A specular reflector delivers the most effective glare control by managing the luminous intensity of the light source. The semi-specular reflector controls the luminaire output to deliver a balance of visual comfort and interest in the observers field of view. The ‘go to’ option for functional spaces. In areas where the luminaire plays an integral part of the architectural vision black or white reflectors will blend seamlessly with the ceiling and where required will help create contrast


Simply Professional

Providing lighting designers with the tools and inspiration to deliver entire projects based around one style of luminaire. Mirage 3 will accentuate building architecture and deliver compliance and superior visual comfort all at the same time.

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